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Outfit deets: Top & Leggings Fabletics, Sport Bra VS Sport, Shoes Nike via Nordstrom Rack, Phone case RiflePaperCo. 

Good morning everyone!

I will admit that I have never been one to love working out and I won’t fake it or pretend that it’s my favorite hobby..clearly. For the past month, this change of lifestyle has included exercising on a regular basis. It has been such a great addition to my life. I actually enjoy exercising now and am seeing the difference in my physical and mental health. I think it is so important to do things that are beneficial to your body and mind, this is one of those things. Even beginning to meet new muscles I didn’t even know were there! I have been doing strength training and cardio and alternating or doing both daily, depending on my schedule. The area I live in is beautiful and full of walking trails, perfect for me, as I’d like to avoid the gym if possible! My mom and I typically walk and add in sections of running for our 3 mile walk, usually each day, morning or afternoon. It is beautiful and currently not scorching hot, so that’s a plus! My pup Bailey also really enjoys it. I’ve got a ways to go to meet my goals, but any start is a good start!

Of course, if a girl (more specifically a fashion student) is going to workout, it’s gotta be in some cute workout clothes, right? I have recently discovered Kate Hudson’s brand, Fabletics and love it! I signed up to become a VIP member (aka get your first outfit for $25!!) and I love it! The leggings are super comfortable and great quality. I’d recommend trying it out!

Happy Monday!