With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I’m sharing all my V-Day essentials and a bit about how my husband and I show each other our love in collaboration with BloomNation!
Hannah Renee | Valentine's Day

First off, Valentine’s Day is the prettiest holiday, isn’t it!? All things pink & red, hearts, love notes, etc. Swoon. Sharing my necessities for a perfect low-key Valentine’s Day here:

  1. Box of Chocolates – It’s tradition & it’s a must have. What’s V-day without a heart-shaped box?!
  2. La Croix Cran-Raspberry Sparkling Water – Besides the obvious choice in color, these babies are delicious, zero calories, & pregnant-approved!
  3. SweetTarts Heart Candies – Any excuse for a little candy! Bonus that they are Instagram worthy ;)
  4. MAC lipstick in Runaway Red – The quickest way to feeling a little extra pretty!
  5. EOS lipbalm – Because it’s much easier to smooch in, obvi.
  6. Essie Nailpolish in Topless&Barefoot + Fiji Pink – My nails have been prepped for Valentine’s for a week! February is the month of love, after all.
  7. ShopBan.do Heart Necklace – Heart everything!
  8. Beautiful Bouquet of Blooms – Whether you’re man brings them to you, has them delivered, or you treat yourself! Fresh blooms are an absolute necessity on Valentine’s Day, or really any day of the year!

Hannah Renee | Valentine's DayHannah Renee | Valentine's Day

Let’s talk love, shall we? I’m super big on love languages and totally feel like knowing more about a person and how they feel loved can do major things in a relationship! For him and for her.

I really feel happier when I’m actively showing love to my hubs. He is much more of a words of affirmation/physical touch/gift kind of love-receiver. It will literally make his day if I greet him with a big hug and compliment him on his hard work when he gets home from work. I also like to show my love by giving small gifts like a bag of caramels (which he is obsessed with lately!) or a yummy sandwich for lunch.

Hannah Renee | Valentine's Day

As for me, I’ve always been a bit of a gift girl myself (what girl isn’t, let’s be honest), but I also always feel more loved when I have the undivided attention of my hubby. My heart feels full when my husband spends quality time with me or does something to show his love (acts of service). I mean my heart grows a little every time my husband massages my shoulders or takes my car to the carwash. Flutters. Ha! These everyday, simple acts are much more fulfilling than a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, although I definitely don’t want to pass that up either (as seen above)! I’ve always loved receiving flowers, too. It’s kind of a regular thing in our relationship & to be honest, if it’s been awhile since my hubs gave me flowers I will bluntly ask for some! I know, I’m pretty direct. Haha.

Hannah Renee | Valentine's Day

There is just something dreamy about receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh blooms to sit on your desk or next to your bed as a daily reminder of how much you are loved. Who doesn’t want that on a regular basis?! BloomNation is an awesome resource to help you out with finding the perfect display of love, locally, and in your price range! You can make it even more personal by narrowing it down to favorite flowers/colors/& style. Ladies, you’re going to want to share these secrets with your man! ;)

Hannah Renee | Valentine's DayHannah Renee | Valentine's Day

Love is an action. A choice we make everyday and we can choose to show our love by doing little things for our loved ones throughout the year, with maybe a bigger sprinkle of love on V-Day! Bring on the flowers & chocolates & kisses!


This post was in collaboration with BloomNation. All opinions are my own.