Hannah Renee -- Power of Organization Hannah Renee | 3 Tips for an Organized Day

Let’s talk about the power of organization! Honestly, this is one of those topics that really applies to most areas of life. I love a good organized closet and pantry + an organized schedule and day. I also truly value allowing some days to be slow and spontaneous, too. It’s all about  b a l a n c e.

For me, it is SO important to schedule! Having a plan of action for your days can take away the worry and much of the stress. My Day Designer has been a life-changer + a timesaver! I love all of the sections and daily inspirational quotes.

A couple of my core tips for scheduling your time effectively and efficiently are below!

  1. BE REAL. You don’t know how many times I have literally planned out my day the night before and then been totally overwhelmed and stressed trying to achieve my to-do list. Don’t allow yourself to over schedule! Be smart by scheduling in breaks to get up & move, go to lunch, and give yourself extra time for certain (difficult) tasks. Schedule in date night and time for yourself, too! This way your week will feel balanced and your priorities won’t be solely based on work.
  2. BE AMBITIOUS. As realistic as you want to be, don’t forget the power of being organized. You can still make the most of each day. Write down your top 3 tasks for that day and go after them. This will keep you focused, so despite what you don’t get done and what goes wrong in your day, you will have a little bit of direction.
  3. BE CALM. Even with the busiest of days, you have to maintain a sense of ease. If you start allowing yourself to feel stressed each day, your (mental) wellbeing will suffer. I’m not trying to scare you or be dramatic, but I do want to encourage everyone to stay calm, do their best, and let the little things go. Some days I purposely schedule as personal days, without anything other than me time. Personally, I need time off, time to rest, and time to recharge! It keeps me sane.

What other ways do you stay organized?! In work, home life, or down time? I’d love to hear your tips, tricks, & routines!