When I was younger, I always loved it when my mom would read to me. I loved being able to spend time with my mom and listen to her voice as the characters and world came to life through the pages. It was magical and yet perfectly ordinary. It was special to me. As I became an adult and dreamed about my own children, I always pictured myself snuggled up with them, reading fun stories, seeing their eyes light up and their imaginations run wild, laughing and learning with them as we read. I am so looking forward to the days when Noah joins me in reading a book on the couch, but we are starting him young in the meantime! I have tried to get started with books as early as possible. When Noah was 2-3 months old, we began showing him picture books and reading fun rhymes like Dr. Seuss. My goal this year is to continue introducing story time to him. I want to have a daily reading time together and I want him to love it and look forward to the time spent together. I recently received The Story Box and I was instantly in love. If you haven’t heard of them, they offer a monthly box of books for your little one delivered right to your door. Pretty magical. We received their board book box since Noah still wants to eat every book he touches. Everything, really. Haha. He absolutely loved the cute books and we’ve added them to our daily reads. It is so fun to have new enticing books to share with your babe. Something to spark their interest and capture their attention is so welcomed. Reading can become boring and unexciting, but that is the last thing I intend for Noah and my future babies. The Story Box is keeping the magic of reading alive and making it so easy on parents! Definitely check them out and get reading with your babies.




This post is in collaboration with The Story Box. All opinion are my own.