Let me start by saying I have come to love Project Life. Here’s why, I feel like these precious first years of marriage and each one thereafter is flying by, secondly, I want to give my children a glimpse into their parents lives, and third, I enjoy it. I’ve been far from perfect when it comes to being on top of this whole process of scrapbooking, but I love the outcome whether it is fully or partially completed. I started my first album the year I got married, 2013, and I am SO glad I have it to look back on because even in such a short amount of time, 2 years later my husband and I are both happy to sit and look at the photos and read the tidbits. I have completed most of my 2014 book and am now working on beginning my 2015 album along with a book for our trip to Paris and Vienna. Yes, it is sometimes daunting to think about all those photos I need to sort or the pages I need to complete, but in the end it is a super fun and simple way to remember the memories/daily life and looks adorable. If I can do it, so can you.

Here is some info on where to get started! You can also find Project Life at most craft/hobby stores.