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My mom and sister-in-law and I went on a quick mini-vacation to Palm Springs two weeks ago! It was amazing. It’s crazy how even a one night stay and a few hours spent relaxing in the sun can totally rejuvenate you.

I had a great time laying in the sun, getting in the pool, drinking mimosas, and playing croquet with these girls. I have stayed at The Parker once before, but I cannot get over the amazing property. Open greenery areas, games, cafe tables, awesome mod furniture, fire pits, and hammocks. Too good. Add some champs, a lot of laughter, and flash tattoos and you’ve got a recipe for gold. One of my favorite spots is the Lemonade Stand by the pool. Yellow striped cabana, cafe tables with umbrellas, and lemons galore. Perfection. Oh, and the big highlight of the trip, as though you haven’t guessed, meeting the stars of Portlandia!!!! I mean, come on. Fred and Carrie. Jaw dropping, giddy excitement. Plus we’re like totally friends now…Duh.

Palm Springs was such treat and I can’t wait till next time!


Outfit Deets: Swimsuit Victoria’s Secret, Coverup H&M, Sunnies Rayban