I figured what better way to let you all know exactly what i love about Parasol than to write out a few thank you’s. A tad of inspiration from Jimmy Fallon and a lot of love for our diapers and wipes and here you go. Yay for companies that provide good products, convenience, AND style.

Some thank you notes…

Thank you Parasol diapers for keeping the crib sheets clean. Sincerely, mom who does too much laundry.

Thank you Parasol for not being full of artificial fragrances and chemicals. Sincerely, mom who would like to keep her baby’s skin soft & healthy.

Thank you Parasol subscription box for the unusually adorable packaging and a delivery box that makes me want to hug the UPS guy. Sincerely, mom who would rather binge watch Gilmore Girls than go to the store.

Thank you Parasol wipes for mimicking cloth so well and for not leaving lint all over my baby’s tush. Sincerely, mom who wipes the tush.

Thank you Parasol diapers for the ultra absorbent and incredibly soft material. Sincerely, sleep deprived mom who would LOVE her baby to stay dry through the night.

Thank you Parasol designers for the cute and simple patterns. Sincerely, mom who needs to see less primary colors and cartoons.  

Thank you Parasol for making buying diapers fun and seriously easy. Sincerely, mom spending way too much of her life browsing the diaper aisle.

Thank you Parasol monthly subscription for checking off our to-do list for us. Sincerely, mom who needs a shorter to-do list.

Thank you Parasol wipes for smelling delicious with your natural scents (aka fresh cucumber and aloe). Sincerely, mom who has tried every wipe on the market.

Thank you Parasol shipment department for being faster than the time it takes for us to get in the car. Sincerely, mom who procrastinates until we have less than 10 diapers left!

Thank you Parasol for the amazing Holiday Cheer Box that is 50% savings!! Sincerely, mom who’s on a budget.

ALSO. Thank you Parasol for keeping mama and baby happy campers. Sincerely, Hannah. :)

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