Hannah Renee - babydoll dressHannah Renee - babydoll dressHannah Renee - babydoll dressHannah Renee - babydoll dressHannah Renee - babydoll dress

First off, who doesn’t love a babydoll dress?

During our photoshoot, this older woman looked over at my best girlfriend and I and said that we gave her a glimpse into her past. Our 60’s style dresses and jewelry took her straight back to the the Summer of 1967, in other words the “Summer of love”. It was so charming. I couldn’t help but feel torn. Torn between the sweet innocence of Summer days and the heaviness my heart has been carrying through this Summer.

To be completely honest, this hasn’t quite been the “Summer of love” for me. It’s been heartache, stress, and trying to cling to new beginnings. Truthfully, I’d like to still think of it as the Summer of love in some sense. I’m finding out who truly loves and cares about me. Maybe it’s the Summer of true love. Not in a prince-charming kind of way, but in a honest, raw kind of way. I’m realizing the depth of my husband’s love. That he truly loves every side of me. He is there for me in the most raw moments and, as he puts it, he “sees me”. He knows me, my flaws, my humor, my strengths and my weaknesses. He notices my heartache and my need and he does his best to meet me in that, where I am.

I know this is suppose to be a fashion post, but I guess when you are struck with a moment of clarity you just scribble it all over the page (in this case, you go into a typing rant). In any case, I hope that you would take a a minute to notice your loved ones. How do they meet you in your need? How do you meet them in theirs? Because love isn’t just about the beautiful, light-hearted moments; it’s about being there for someone no matter how ugly it gets.

On a side note: Thank you to my husband, mother, and close friends & family for making me feel loved even in times of heartbreak.

It is incredibly easy for me to get caught up thinking of those who don’t love me, rather than directing my focus to those that do. Please, please never question if you are lovable. My dear, you are loved.