I catch myself too often reaching for my phone or thinking “oh I should be doing stories for this!”, but I honestly feel like my phone can quickly take my attention away from Noah. That is not the life I crave or the memory I desire for him. I want to enjoy these little moments together. I want him to live simply and I want him to know I am present. For this reason, I’m trying more and more to put my phone aside, unplug and enjoy playing with him and seeing his development. I realize this can totally be harder than it sounds. It’s hard enough as it is, then throw in trying to maintain an Instagram and blogging. The lines between “work” and “mom” certainly get blurred. I thought I’d share a few of the ways I’ve learned to help you unplug and engage with your kiddo.

Read together.

Reading together is honestly one of my favorites. He usually lasts only a couple minutes and then wants to push the books all over our living room floor, but hey I try! It’s a great way to be present and engaged.

Get outside.

Taking Noah on a walk or to the playground is a great way to spend time together. It forces me to get off my phone and be in the moment. I love to take him on the swings, sit and have a little picnic, or do snacktime at the park. Noah loves his snacks so it makes it really fun to bring some with us with our snack container and make a little game out of it. p.s. My MilkSnob cover worked amazing as a tablecloth! #momwinning

Turn your phone off & get on the floor with your kids!

Sometimes I have to remind myself to put down my phone and get on the ground! Ha. It’s true, I can easily get caught up in something and try to multitask watching my babe play. Let me tell you, it ends up leaving me feel unfulfilled and frustrated. I make sure each day that I set my phone down during “playtimes” and actually interact with my boy.

What do you usually do with your kids to give them 100% of your attention? Do you struggle with balancing being on your phone with disconnecting?

We are talking technology with kids in our next edition of #letsbehonestmamas so stay tuned if you’re interested! 


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