Roundie towels c/o The Beach People

Okay you guys, we’ve made it a little over three weeks into 2017! Only one week left of January, can you even believe it? 25 days ago everyone was popping confetti and jotting down all their New Year goals, dreams, and resolutions. I thought it’d be nice to talk about my personal goals and hopes for the year! Maybe you will relate or become inspired to include some of these in your day-to-day, too.

I love how everyone has been choosing one word or phrase to characterize their focus for the year. I shared with you all on Instagram that my goal is to feel more content and to be grateful for where I am currently in life. I crave positivity and to move forward from my past heartache. It’s important to do things that bring me joy and to remember to enjoy as much of the chaos as possible. Motherhood is certainly not always easy or clean or pretty, but it is rewarding. A love you can never even fully understand. Being a stay at home mom is tougher than I had imagined and yet it is still the best job ever. I think through this month, I have come to realize that it is wellness that I’d like to improve and focus on this year.

Here are a few of my goals to improve my wellness in 2017:

Spend more quality time with my family (without any screens)
Read a book each month
Make healthy, homemade foods for Noah
& healthy food for me too! (#31mornings has helped kick start becoming even more of a morning/breakfast person!)
Practice yoga each day
Read the Bible in a year (pretty hefty goal so we will see!)
Take a day off of social media each week to renew my mind & soul
Create new routines with Noah, like reading time every day
As for these photos… There’s something about the ocean that refreshes my soul. It calms me. I’ve had a rough year and a half and I finally feel like I’m allowing myself to begin healing. I want to create and practice healthy, positive habits. I want to encourage my healing process and deepen my faith this year. Who else needs a little bit more positivity in their life or some emotional healing? A visit to the coast, the waves crashing against the shore, the salty air on my skin, and the deep sea making me feel small and closer to my savior, is always a healing moment. Hope you have a minute to rethink your intentions this year and recommit to them. Sending hugs and salty air your way. Take a moment to meditate, pray, reflect on your goals, and pretend you are by the sea today. XO

Here are some beautiful, inspirational words by The Beach People that are refreshing and will certainly be a breath of fresh air. Enjoy…


I’m thankful for The Ocean

Her gentle flow and faithful tide

I’m thankful she is constant

A trusted friend, always there but ever-changing.

I’m thankful for her salted air

Each deep breath renewing me

Each exhalation releasing landlocked problems,

Wisped into her changing winds.

I’m thankful for her golden sands

A warmth that spreads deeper than my skin

Softening and re-molding

Untangling long-held hurts and heartache

I’m thankful for The Ocean

For her stormy days, and her calm

When I am bowed by the worries of land

I will go, again, to my sweet sea.

Find this gorgeous poem as an art print over here. Thinking I may frame this for my bathroom. Love.


This post was in collaboration with The Beach People.