Social Studio Shop is an awesome resource for creatives, bloggers, and business owners! They aim to be a resource for all things social media marketing. They hold workshops in all different cities as a way to teach social media marketing to those who need a boost! I attended their San Diego workshop last week + had a great time! It was so awesome to network and chat with other creative, like-minded women and to learn more in depth about social media and how to fully utilize it!

Hannah Renee Hannah Renee

As I announced at the beginning of the week, I am now in the business of social media! So for me, this workshop was amazing! Jess + Elana + Tiff are such beautiful, knowledgeable women and are so passionate about their work. I loved it.

Hannah Renee Hannah Renee Hannah Renee

I learned such valuable, useful information + tips to apply in my own business and for my clients. Now it’s time to get to it! With social media, it’s constantly changing and evolving, so it was really awesome to dive into the basics + currents of social media, along with how to be authentic and genuine through social media. I definitely gained the motivation and inspiration I needed to kick my business into gear!

Hannah ReneeHannah ReneeHannah Renee social studio shop

The goodie bag (as seen on my Insta) was darling + filled with the best little treasures! How could it not be amazing with sponsors like these:

The Printed Palette, Corazones De Papel, Kayt Joyce Design, The Mason Bar Company, Braided Bliss, Mallow Mallow, Walter + George !!!

Other contributors from the weekend:  SAID Space + Layered Vintage Floral Design + Ashley Kelemen Photography + URBN Pizza Co + Lotus Cafe

This weekend was tons of fun + I’m so happy to have learned and made some great connections! If I were you, I’d definitely consider checking them out!!



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