I have no idea if other moms give their kiddos yummy smoothie bowls, but in my house, we certainly do! We are starting young with the deliciousness that is smoothies! It is such a yummy, healthy treat and it makes for a very easy breakfast or snack. I, personally, love ice cream and to me, smoothies and smoothie bowls are like a healthier version. I started letting Noah taste my smoothie and when I noticed how much he loved it I thought I should make them for him more often! With my BEABA BabyCook, it is extremely simple to whip up a little smoothie for him. It is such a game changer. This little machine does a whole lot and I’m so excited to try all different meals and treats with it. I have to say, it makes healthy wholesome meals so much more fun to make! I really love that it can be used purely as a blender for things like smoothies or pureed fruit, too! As you can see here, all I did was add some healthy ingredients and blend. Done and done. Simple as that. Here is our simple recipe for one of Noah’s favorites!

Strawberry Banana & Spinach Smoothie:

1 Big Spoonful of Plain Greek Yogurt (We love Green Mountain 5%fat from Sprouts)

1 Handful Chopped Strawberries (fresh or frozen)

1 Banana

1 Handful of Power Greens (or Spinach)

1 Spoonful of Chia Seeds

Place in pitcher, click into place, close lid, and blend!

Pour into a cute little bowl, top with chopped fruit (if your little one is old enough) & enjoy!


Do your babes love smoothies too?! Have a BabyCook? What is your favorite thing to make in it?!


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This post was created in collaboration with BEABA. All opinions are my own.