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Today I am sharing with you all, our small space! Currently, as many of you may know, my husband and I live with my parents/family. After we married, we rented a cute little one bedroom condo for about one year. We decided after that first year to move in with my family in order to save money and to ease some of the stress of living on one income, as I complete college.

I have always had a love for interior design and style. It has been fun to make our bedroom really our personal space and have the decor reflect that. As you can tell, many of our furniture pieces are from Ikea. I am an organized and mostly neat person. I feel the best when my home is tidy and everything has a place. It is great to have a large closet with shelving and hanging space for storage and to fit our things. We use the two dressers as a him & hers for clothing, as well, I mean I am a fashion student so I need the space! Oh, and I wanted to show our giant television too, which used to be in our living room. Haha but why not use it! I included a couple photos of how I organize my desk and night table things, as well as, my hobbies and crafts.We’ve got quite a lot to fit in this room.

I believe it is super important to love your space and to feel at ease in the room. I love modern pieces, but also like it to feel warm and homey, with mixes of vintage items or rustic furniture. I think I am slowly moving more toward that modern, contemporary look. Even though Jarrett and I currently only have one room to call our own, we really are making the best of it and have enjoyed the experience! It will be fun to decorate when we move into our own condo, but for now we will enjoy this space, thanks to my parents!