Hannah Renee | Nesting Hannah Renee | Nesting

Nesting is in full effect. I already considered myself an organized person and now it’s even worse! This little baby has got me so excited and needing to get everything ready and in it’s place for his arrival! I’m now 34 weeks with only potentially 3 – 6 weeks left until birth-day!

It’s a little overwhelming because we currently do not have a full nursery. We live with my mother, younger brother, and oldest brother and sister-in-law and their adorable daughter. It’s a full house over here, but we love it.

Now that I’ve had my baby shower, I’m feeling a lot more prepared for this baby to be born. His crib is all put together, the stroller is here, I have my new small SUV, the car seat is installed, his clothes are washed and folded, and now I just need to pack the diaper bag & birth bag. For us, we are going to use a moses basket with a rocker stand in our room for the first month or so. I’ve organized his clothing and extra linens in an antique dresser and the newborn clothes, swaddles, and some diapers are organized in bins in our closet. It is such a surreal feeling. In just a few short weeks our baby will be here!