Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromiseHannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise

With my pregnancy quickly flying by, I have found myself day-dreaming more and more of my baby boy. It is such an incredible feeling to be growing a baby & even more incredible that our lives will change so much in a matter of 3 months! When I was asked to be apart of the Pampers #motherspromise campaign, I was thrilled to say yes! As I reflected on what exactly I would like to promise my child, I thought about protection, unconditional love, guidance, and I thought about his character. It’s a huge gift and a blessing to be able to call myself a mother. I’m full of good intentions, ideas on parenting, and ways I’d like to be as this boy’s mama. Now I’m sure some of you experienced mamas can relate to this first-time mama feeling and you may even giggle at the thought now, but I am SO excited to begin this journey and to let all my motherly instincts come naturally.

My Mother’s Promise is to remain present each day, taking breaks from technology to get out into the world, to play, to read, to allow for mistakes and to encourage learning. I promise to always keep in mind the mental (& physical) health of my child and to remember the effects of my decisions as a parent, the products we use, and his general environment. I promise to do everything I can to raise a strong, loving, and healthy individual.

As a reminder to myself and my sweet boy of these promises, I’ve handmade a macrame wall hanging to hang near his crib/moses basket. For me, the significance of each knot, tied together to form a beautiful piece, is that everything in life, whether it be the environment at home, a parenting style, a life decision, the freedom to play, a product used, or nurturing given; it is all tied together with my child’s development as a person. Just as every knot in the macrame has a purpose and a design, the same goes for life. Everything happens for a reason, every moment makes us who we are. It’s the little things that create the big picture… 

Now each time I comfort my baby, rock him to sleep, and watch him grow, I will be reminded of how my words and my actions have the ability to help shape him. I am over the moon at the thought of raising a child and I wouldn’t promise my baby anything less than a consistent presence and intentional love & guidance in life.

Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise

As we consider the products we will use with our baby boy, we want to keep our promise to be intentional with our decisions. We have decided to use Pampers Premium Care diapers when our little man arrives because I’ve heard such wonderful things about the quality of their diapers, their comfort, and ease of use! They offer a top tier, high quality diaper that has a 5 star skin care rating! They’re hypoallergenic, include a wetness indicator, are breathable, have a unique absorb away liner, and extra absorb channels. Talk about a game changer. Grab your little some at Walmart or Walmart.com.

*This post was sponsored by Pampers Premium in partnership with Walmart. All opinions are my own.*

Hannah Renee | Pamper's #MothersPromise

If you’d like to DIY your own macrame wall hanging here is a little direction to get you started:

You’ll need:

  • Copper piping (mine’s about 2 feet wide)
  • 100 ft. of cotton rope (I used clothesline found at a local True Value)
  • Scissors

I found an easy tutorial for the basic square knot pattern HERE.


I encourage you, pregnant or already a mama to many, to join in and share your #motherspromise!