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Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and thinking a lot about our lifestyle. I am definitely not a go and do type person. I’m content staying home many days. I feel like our society has become so overly busy and scheduled. We now make schedules for our kids that involve multiple activities, sports, playdates, etc. I really get the feeling that everyone needs to  s l o w  it down. Finding joy in simple things can be just as rewarding. Allowing kids to be kids. To be free from fast-paced schedules, to spend less time being driven from activity to activity. I got it in my head a couple weeks ago that I wasn’t doing enough. Connecting with enough people, making friends for Noah, taking him to activities, providing stimulation for his development, preparing enough foods for the week, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. It made me consider why I feel this pressure. Why is it necessary to do all these things at once. By thinking about it, I came to realize that maybe by relieving myself of all these pressures, I would actually enjoy my time more and notice the little moments rather than being half-focused on my time with him. I want to be fully present and to do meaningful, fulfilling things. Of course, I have not concluded that I should just stay home or not get out and adventure, but I have just realized that I can do these things at ease. I can meet new mama friends and make playdates or take Noah to new places, but I don’t need to feel pressured to do so. I’m trying to give myself time to adjust and to go at my own pace. If I’m really not feeling something or not wanting to go out, than I won’t. And better yet, I won’t feel bad or down on myself for not doing something. I can also do simple things for Noah, like spending a few minutes outside in the fresh air, going for a neighborhood walk, running errands and letting him sit in the cart and say hi to people. Basically, not everything needs to be a big production or a mommy and me class, for him to be stimulated and learning! Taking the stress off yourself, makes a huge difference and actually might make you feel like an even better mommy, more present, relaxed, and balanced. Anyways, end of my little rant here.

Does anyone else feel these pressures? How do you deal with balancing being a homebody and also being social or an “activity” person!?