Okay you guys, I think I may have cracked the code. Shopping with an (almost) toddler is quite the challenge. I remember I used to see moms in stores and think “why are they letting their kid scream”. Insert eye roll. Since becoming a mother, I have a whole new level of respect and I totally relate to (and many times fear) the unhappy child sitting in the cart. I so desperately did not want to cave to using snacks as a form of entertainment/distraction, but it is truly incredible the difference it makes! Let’s face it, kids are always hungry and food is fun. In the past year, I have managed to find a few things that make shopping MUCH easier with a babe in tow. 

Here’s what I’ve got…

Use a Ring Sling.

Honestly, I have no clue what I would do without my sling! It is used probably every single day. I really love how simple and easy it is to put on and how happy Noah stays in it. It’s perfect for running errands and shopping without being in a huge hurry.

Bring a snack!

Smart mamas bring snacks. I think that’s fact. If not, it should be. Haha. This is by far the best way to give your babe a snack while strolling the aisles. Makes it so much easier if it’s hands free, and a huge bonus if it’s not a smoothie pouch every time, which by the way are gone in 0.2 seconds.

Have a toy or book they don’t see often.

Bring along a fun toy or a book that they can play with (somewhat) quietly. This is sure to buy you a few minutes longer! Ha. Always strategizing, but this is a great way to provide a fun distraction for your little one.

Interact with your kiddo!

Talk, point things out, ask them questions, play iSpy. Of course, anytime you ignore your child, it only frustrates them and they get bored fast. Interacting with them as much as possible while shopping is sometimes tough, but helpful and worth it for your kids.


P.S. I highly recommend using a cart cover. Ours is from MilkSnob and it is so versatile. I love it! Takes the yuck out of carts, acts as something to look at/play with, and comes in handy in a variety of ways!


How do you manage shopping with kids!? Do you already implement these tips on the regular??


Cart Cover c/o MilkSnob | Snack Tray c/o Snap&Shop | My top Nordstrom Rack | Jeans Gap | Hat Forever 21 | Bag Kate Spade



Hannah Renee