If I’m being totally honest, I do not like to cook. I’m not a chef or really even that fantastic of a sous-chef. Ha! I got pretty lucky in that my husband truly enjoys being in the kitchen and makes some really yummy food. Praise! Most days he has no problem whipping up dinner when he is home from work, with the help of a little planning on my part. My momma also lives with us so she is a huge help when it comes to dinners (I know, spoiled). Lately I’ve been trying to step up my dinner game and cook my fair share of meals. A lot of times I try to prep earlier in the day. That way someone can finish up cooking while I’m doing the bath and bedtime routine with my boy. Needless to say, when HelloFresh reached out to me to try a box of easy, healthy meals I did not hesitate! I was super excited to have the opportunity to try a meal service like HelloFresh. Who would turn down dinner help?! No need to meal plan, grocery shop, or find a recipe. They do it all for you. Um yes, sign me up!

We tried these three delicious recipes. Winner winner chicken orzo dinner, upgraded steak and potatoes, and the skewer-less chicken kebabs. I literally cannot pick a favorite. They were each unique, flavorful, healthy, simple and sooo yummy! It was a fantastic way to cook dinner. For a girl who loves organization, help in the kitchen, and an easy step-by-step, it’s a win-win-win. I loved that everything was super simple. Six steps and dinner is served. Just like that. It is such a great way to start the New Year. I’m sure, if you are like the millions of others who put healthy eating/exercise/wellness/less stress, etc. at the top of your New Year Resolutions, it is the perfect way to kick off that goal! I highly recommend giving it a try. I certainly love the fact that I can spend more time doing what I love, aka spending time with my hubs and little Noah, and less time worrying about dinner! You can click here to get started making dinner (and life) much simpler. :)




This post was in collaboration with HelloFresh. All opinion are my own.