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Let me be honest for a minute. It is dang hard to maintain a blog while being a mom, much less a fashion blog. I have to confess I used to look at other mom style bloggers and think it looked simple, easy even. That is, until I became a mom. I thought oh simple just take photos on the weekend and blog while your baby naps during the weekdays. Done and done. Wrong. So so wrong. For one, most times I’m in jeans and a tee or admittedly my favorite yoga pants. Two, baby’s don’t always follow your schedule. I’m lucky if I get a shower and a meal. Ha! I do love style and love blogging so I’m going to do what I can and not worry about the rest!

As I became a mama, I started noticing how many bloggers are posting super gorgeous outfits, but most of which did not mesh with my lifestyle or budget. I felt like I couldn’t attain or relate to those styles. It seems fitting for me to create a series focused on real, honest mom style. Style that is honestly easy, practical, and still stylish. I did go to school for fashion merchandising so I’d like to think I’m not totally clueless. Wink. I love a good pair of heels and getting all dolled up as much as the next girl, but for me, comfort and practicality have always remained at the top of my list. I wasn’t all that challenged by dressing my growing baby bump, but the transition to mama has been a lot harder than I anticipated. As I figure it all out, I want you to join me!

I want to share inspiration and honest fashion as a new mom for other ladies out there feeling the same way. I want to show you that you can wear cute shoes that don’t kill your feet, jeans that make you feel good (over and over again), and non-nursing tops that are practical for nursing a baby! We can get dressed simply, be a mama, and rock those yoga pants. And hey, even if you do want to get fancy, go for it! Whether you stick it out all day long or you wear it (whatever “it” is for you) for an hour, go you! for making the effort. All in the name of fashion and motherhood, right?

I hope you’ll join me each week for another real mama look aka #honestmomstyle.

Real. Honest. Style.

Let’s do this! Please feel free to join in and share your #honestmomstyle on Insta too!

Also! Starting a mini series called #honestlyyogapants because honestly on any given day, I’m most likely wearing yoga pants. We need yogas in our life and it’s about time someone start treating them like a fashion group all their own. Come on. ;)