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Spring is here!! We are really enjoying our Spring weather over here. Perfect park day with my boys, one in my arms and one behind the camera ;)

I haven’t posted an Honest Mom Style post in far too long!! I decided to go super casual and super realistic with today’s version of #honestmomstyle because the truth is, this is what I look like 50% of the time. The other 50% is spent in yoga pants with my hair pulled back. Obviously. ;)

My days are spent chasing around this crawling boy and spending time with him. I love taking him outside. You can tell he truly enjoys the fresh air and discovering new things, like most all babies! So anyway, this is my typical mom look. Jeans, my Adidas tennies, my beloved Free People bralet and t-shirt, and a flannel tied around my waist. Done and done. I’m also kind of in love with choker necklaces. These are from a local boutique and they are great because Noah hasn’t really noticed them enough to try to pull them, which means mama gets to wear a necklace for once! Being a mom totally changes the way you view fashion (even as a fashion student!) and it means finding ways to feel good while still being practical and functional. This look is just that and I love it even more because of it.