Nursing/Postpartum Leggings & Tee BLANQI c/o | Nursing Bra Cake Maternity c/o  |  Noah’s outfit Old Navy

The last two weeks have really been mainly spent at home. This nasty cold/flu that’s going around hit our household. If you follow me on IG, here, then you know that Noah and I were both sick with the cold, BUT we are finally on the mend. Now if I could just rid of this cough!

I am definitely a homebody, so I haven’t gone too stir crazy lately. Plus we have gone for several walks outside to get some fresh air, which has helped. I honestly love staying home with my boy though. These simple ordinary moments are so meaningful. As I’ve mentioned before, I spend a lot of my time in comfy clothes when I’m home caring for and playing with Noah. This is truly the joy of motherhood for a stay at home mommy. I’m happy to have my makeup on and hair done and slip right back into some comfy clothes. Ha! Certainly some #honestmomstyle for ya. For me a good pair of leggings is a must. Something you can wear at home comfortably and go out in while still looking put together. These Blanqi support leggings are ah-maze-ing. I put them on and suddenly feel so supported and SO comfortable. They are the perfect nursing legging because of how high waisted they are. Since having Noah I’ve always liked to wear t-shirts, but the only thing about that is when you are out in public and you need to nurse, lifting your shirt and showing bare skin isn’t always super comfortable or appropriate. Especially when it’s chilly! They way these leggings cover, conceal, and stretch is complete heaven. Highly recommend for any pregnant or nursing mama! I would gladly wear this at home and out to run errands, go to the park, or just about anything. 

Also, how perfect is this tee? Motherhood is totally my muse.


Happy Monday!



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