Dress Free People | Sling Handmade | Booties Nordstrom Rack

Does anyone else LOVE baby wearing? I feel like it was one of the things I was most excited about when having a baby. I have been wearing Noah since he was tiny and I love how at ease he (usually) is in the sling. I actually made this sling myself and love the color for Spring!

The day we took these photos Noah was being a little more difficult than normal (although he looks so happy and playful in all these photos) and I was tired and trying to stay patient. Even in moments of impatience, I can take one look at him and even in frustration be completely smitten with his smile. It’s a type of love and acceptance that nothing in the world, but motherhood brings. Motherhood is a tough job and yet, still the most rewarding, joyful role in the world. He is my happy. Him on my hip, snuggled up to me, teething, squirmy and all; it is exactly where I want to be. Isn’t it odd that our emotions can fluctuate by the hour (ha even by the minute!), but the love we have for our babes is unchanging?