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Even before I had Noah I knew I wanted to feed him healthy, natural foods when it came time to introduce solid foods. I really love making his own food and avoiding the cost and additives that store bought baby food can have! When I took on the task of pureeing his foods I was a little overwhelmed and nervous to see if I could manage it. To my surprise, making his food has been extremely simple and in my opinion, a lot more practical. I can often use foods I already have on hand for myself. I will say that having the right tools at your disposal makes all the difference in the world. OxoTot has made the entire process ten times easier and more enjoyable for me. I can quickly puree or mash food for a meal or I can make it in bulk, freeze it, and store it for a few weeks worth of meals for my little guy.

Key reasons to make your own food:

  • easy, practical, cost effective!
  • awareness and control of what baby is eating
  • real foods that are not always masked with sweet fruits
  • simple, natural, organic
  • no additives or chemicals to worry about
  • it’s fun! you feel great about making healthy choices and putting in a little effort for your babe

When we started introducing solids, I went for yummy smooth fruits and vegetables like avocado, banana, sweet potato, peas, apple, and pear. My goal was to introduce as many different tastes and textures to get him accustomed to trying and enjoying all different foods. Mealtime should be a great time! Eating healthy can still be fun and tasty, right?

All it takes is a little planning, a few handy tools, some healthy produce and about an hour. Honestly, there are so many foods that are awesome for pureeing and freezing you could literally do a ton.

Foods that are easy to mash and serve in under 5 minutes:

  • avocado
  • banana
  • blueberries
  • ripe pear
  • sweet peas

Favorite foods that you can cook simply and purée:

  • sweet potato – bake for about 45 minutes on baking sheet, peel skin off, mash up or purée flesh.
  • apple – peel, cut into small pieces, steam on the stove until soft, purée.
  • carrots – peel, cut, steam until soft, purée.
  • pear – peel, cut, steam if too tough, purée.
  • broccoli & cauliflower – steam or bake until tender, purée.
  • black beans – I use organic canned beans, heat on the stove, drain, and purée.

The OxoTot mash maker food mill and the food masher are amazingly simple to use and really great for making a meal quickly. They both are small enough to store and work wonderfully to get that smooth texture you need for young babies. We started solids at 5 months and gradually have introduced more and more texture and chunkiness to his food. Remember: you do not have to stay in the pureed stage for very long! Once they get the hang of eating you can offer a little more texture. We gave chunkier purees and things like pureed chicken, beef, broccoli, and carrots that were not as smooth by about 6.5/7 months. At 8 months, we are starting actual chunks of finger foods. My advice is, don’t hinder your child by waiting too long. They are more capable than you might think. I know a lot of people get nervous about choking, but small gags and coughs are really them learning to manipulate and move food in their mouths. Stay calm. Watch your babe and tell him/her they are okay, offer water, it should be just fine. (of course be careful and talk to your doctor if need be.) Anyway, I wanted to also mention how wonderful the OxoTot food masher is as Noah is growing, too. We love using it to mash blueberries and add them to plain greek yogurt! Such an easy breakfast. The food masher is super compact too, so it can easily go with you for quick on-the-go meals!

I also loved using the OxoTot freezer trays to freeze cubes of baby food. After frozen, I will empty them into a ziplock bag and label the bag with the food and date it was cooked, then store in the freezer for up to 3 months. It’s great because the cubes are perfect size and I can easily grab a few, defrost/heat them on the stove and serve.

Oh, and one more thing! If you are ready to introduce (or already have) a sippy cup. THIS one is perfect! It was the first cup we tried and both of us are so pleased. It has a soft spout so it was really simple for him to get the hang of drinking from it and the handles are designed wonderfully for him. I only had to help him a few times for him to learn to use it himself. It’s also great because the spout has a hard cap to keep it closed and clean in the diaper bag.

I hope this was interesting to you and will inspire you to make your own baby food! Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m hoping to write a post about finger foods soon, too. Let me know if you’d be interested!


This post was created in collaboration with OxoTot. All opinions and product choices are my own.