Our sweet little boy was born on June 3rd at 8:10pm. He weighed 7 lb and 11 oz, was 19.5 inches long, and perfect in every way. We couldn’t be more in love with this precious life. We are just shy of 2 weeks and man, it has flown by. Nursing just about every 3 hours day and night, sleeping lots, and staring into those beautiful eyes any chance we get! He’s got mama’s nose and long fingers & daddy’s eyes, lips, and toes!

It is so incredible what our bodies as women can do and how God works in our lives. I’m truly in awe of this process and the transition into parenthood. Amazing how all those natural instincts, as mommy and daddy, sort of just kick in. I never ever want to forget these moments and these wonderful (hard) first few weeks of his life.

Everyone is doing well and feeling extremely blessed to have a healthy baby & mama.