Lately, I have been on somewhat of a health kick. I decided, like many, at the beginning of the year to do things differently and to look at health with a different perspective than I usually do. Let me first say, I have seen a total difference in my body, mood, and energy levels. It’s not that I have ever been very overweight or had very low self-esteem, but I did feel that I could really improve my eating and exercise habits. In turn, those changes would greatly impact my lifestyle, attitude, and my body.

I started by changing my eating habits and thinking in terms of nutrition first. I am not calling it a “diet” because 1. people give you that look and 2. it’s a lifestyle change. I am eating much healthier, organic, whole foods. Basically foods from the Earth, nothing really processed or prepackaged. I love the Farmer’s Markets and am hoping to make a habit of going to them more often. This one was in Dana Point and was pretty small, but still lovely. I am staying away from sugar, even in coffee, which boy, is a toughie. You know I love me a latte, but I haven’t had one in weeks! (high-five!) I am considering allowing myself a skinny latte, and adding a small amount of sugar, maybe every now and again. Right now I just drink my morning cup of coffee with a bit of half-n-half. I have also decided, for now, to count calories. I am doing this because of my personality, which loves to be organized and efficient, and to lose a good 7 or so pounds. I currently use the iPhone app MyFitnessPal. Love its simplicity and the nutrition facts help me to stay aware that I am or am not getting the right amount of nutrients.

Don’t worry, I do allow myself a glass of white wine a couple times a week. It’s nice to have at the end of a long day or on the weekends.

I am slowly making transitions to a more natural, healthy lifestyle. I really care about wellness throughout my life and am trying to make small changes in products, my overall outlook, and do things that are good for me and my husband physically and mentally. I will continue to blog about these changes and incorporations into my life as I go. I believe it makes a huge difference and is the life I desire to live with my husband and future family!