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As most of you already know, I have officially graduated from California State University, Long Beach!! I’ve achieved my Bachelor Degree in fashion merchandising through many years of hard work (blood sweat and tears, the whole shebang), group projects, and ridiculously stressful exams. I also am proud to say I graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude and Phi Kappa Phi! Woo! My perfectionist personality paid off!! Plus, I love the extra cords and tassels. Who doesn’t love a fun tassel party? Am I right?!

Through all the work and dedication, I have learned so much, made new (& forever cherished) friends, and become more in tune to my desires in life and career. I am so blessed to have the support of my friends and family, who can personally attest to these crazy years of college and are with me rejoicing it is all over. I think it is really starting to sink in that I never have to go back again! I’m so ready for the next chapter in life and I’m interested to see where God is taking me next.

Congratulations to all my fellow graduates, too!!!!