Hey everyone! Happy Fri-yay! I hope everyone has had a great week and is ready to relax for 2 days! So many good and new things are on the horizon for me. I can’t help but be nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. Like I mentioned last week, we are preparing to move out of my parents’ home and into an apartment, my oldest brother and sister-in-law are having a baby this Summer (eek!!), I graduate from college in a month, I will be beginning a job where I interned this Spring, and Jarrett and I will experience life without either of us in school for the first time ever! Sounds pretty hectic, huh? I’m excited for these new beginnings.

Here’s my weekly Internet favorites roundup!

1. Books can take you away from reality – Really wanting to amp up my reading game, I think it’s good to mentally go somewhere else for a good hour or two – Lauren Conrad

2. Spring trends make me happy! – Because who doesn’t love a good 70’s inspired wedge – The Everygirl

3. Capsule Wardrobe, minimal motivation – Lately I have been so inspired to de-clutter and live more minimally – Un-Fancy

4. The Dream Machine (please read this as Yolanda on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would) – Jarre and I will miss my mom’s coffee maker, as coffee addicts, we are already saving up for this sucker – William Sonoma

5. Such good advice for bikini season – One of my life goals is to visit the locations in North Carolina where all romantic Nicholas Sparks novels & movies are based. Dream. I also love this girl and her healthy advice for looking good in a bikini. You go girl. – Jules (juliannehough.com)