First off, the weekend is finally here!! Cue the happy dance! Second, coffee, coffee, and more coffee please! You have no idea how much coffee it has taken to get me through this week. I mean, multiple cups per day. Speaking of coffee, can someone get me a refill?? With school speeding up and assignments back to back to back, I am focusing on the finish line. I’m almost there. 31 days and counting!! In other news, my hubs and I are moving to our own apartment in 2 weeks! How exciting is that!? I’ve already started my home decor plans and list of to-dos! We are really excited for the next step in our journey. Ok, it’s mostly about the decorating plans, but still! Anyway, can’t wait to share all the fun newness with you.

Here are my favorite links this week:

1. Career inspo – The Everygirl

2. Champs + sugar – The Ell Blog (my friend’s newest endeavor)

3. Tennis shoes are best – The Glitter Guide

4. Declutter motivation! – The Everygirl

5. If you love babies, and cute mamas (you’ll thank me later) – Instagram Envy

Happy weekend!