Hi ladies! I’ve found a little time, now that school is over, to get back to the blog world. A little update on my life right now: I just started my internship with The Shift Creative (linked below), I am spending a lot of time with my family lately, my baby niece arrives in August (can’t wait!), I’m currently nannying, but should start working for the social media agency, SOCI, soon, and I plan on truly soaking up this Summer. Are you ready for summertime!?

Ok here are my friday favs this week:

1. Because I am loving face masks lately – Glitter Guide

2. Troubled times in life, cause my anxiety to go way up. Needed this, this week. – The Everygirl

3. Such a beautiful daily devotional, really good study to start! – She Reads Truth

4. A peak at who I’m interning with (if you don’t know/follow/love her already) – The Shift Creative

5. Everyone needs a style pick-me-up, right? – Lauren Conrad

enjoy. xo