Four years has flown by. We’ve been through so much throughout these short years and yet I often still feel like the 17 year old girl who fell in love with a boy at the bowling alley…Well, the love part came a little bit after that. ;)

It’s been a ride full of ups and downs. Experiencing so many different parts of life and navigating through the good and the bad has been a learning experience. Travels to new places, regular trips to Disneyland, living on our own, going to community college together, financial budgeting, learning love languages, getting a dog, lots of communication about communicating ;), living with my parents, moving out, experiencing the divorce of parents (on both sides), trying to laugh through hard times, having a baby!, experiencing parenthood, moving out of town with family, changes of jobs, and on and on. Through it all, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. This man makes me laugh and cares for me. That’s all I really need. Okay, and maybe a cup of coffee and a back rub. Ha!


Considering writing a post about 5 things I’ve learned about marriage this far… Interested?