Instagram, like most social media platforms, is exciting + overwhelming all at the same time. It can be super inspiring to scroll through beautifully styled, perfectly lit photos, but it can also cause a bit of self-doubt or insecurity. I truly believe in staying true to you over social media! You wouldn’t try to talk like someone else in real life, so why do we try it on the Internet? Well, probably because it is easy to hide behind a screen and we feel so pressured to fit in and be liked (quite literally, can I get a double tap?!).

I have to say Instagram is my all-time favorite social media platform! I love how visually driven it is and how it has become a sort-of miniature blog for some. People are really beginning to brand themselves by differentiating their style + aesthetic, which allows them to become easily recognizable for their followers. This is another quality about the Insta community that I love! When I’m scrolling through the feed, I can quickly distinguish each person’s style by the image, coloring, aesthetic, text + content. By creating a certain aesthetic for your own images you can really begin to distinguish your own photos, too.

My top five tips for finding your voice + style for Instagram is to…

  1. Look through the Instagram accounts you love to follow (your top 5 favs!). Find inspiration!!  Really begin to see if those accounts have anything in common. Do they all have a lot of white space? Are they all bright, cheery colors? What do they take photos of? Coffee, landscapes, people?
  2. Think about your own lifestyle. What do you enjoy doing? How do you spend most days + weekends? Determine what you like taking photos of and sharing with your followers.
  3. Describe yourself in a few key words. How does that translate into style? Try to figure out the words that describe you, but also the words you are inspired by or you desire to be. For me, when I did this exercise I used the words “warm, calm, + inviting”. Both a mix of how I am and how I aspire to be.
  4. Begin to be intentional. I use a website called Iconosquare to see my Instagram analytics and figure out what my followers like, what times they are online, and what content does the best. It’s pretty awesome. My advice is to go on and try it out! See what’s working and what’s not. P.S. it’s free! This will really help you narrow down your insta strategy so-to-speak. & Now instead of posting randomly or scratching your head wondering why your IG is no longer growing, you’ll begin to understand your following and post with them in mind!
  5. Post with a unique perspective. Include your wittiness, bubbly personality, dry humor, sarcasm, or whatever else makes you you. Your perspective can be shown through your images, editing or filters, the text you write, or how you write it. There are many factors that play into your style and your aesthetic. Give it some thought, be genuine to yourself, and play with it until you love it. Maintaining an IG or any social account can sometimes become mundane or boring (it’s okay to admit it!), but the goal is to strive to make it unique and authentic so that it stays fun and more than just an endless feed of prettiness.

Okay, I know that was a lot to soak up! Let’s see you get on IG and find that unique voice!!