Hannah Renee | Easter Sunday BrunchHannah Renee | Easter Sunday BrunchHannah Renee | Easter Sunday Brunch

Happy Monday! As I’ve written in my previous post HERE, this time of year is a bit difficult for me. I was determined to try to make the best of Easter this year because of how important this holiday is to me and my beliefs. After morning coffee and my usual bowl of cereal with my hubs, I decided to get going and set the table pretty for our Easter brunch. The whole family pitched in and created a casual, but beautiful brunch. We had homemade hash browns, thanks to my sister (in law), scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, and the yummiest croissants! It was delight. The adorable egg cups were a reminder of my grandma, who passed last year, and fresh flowers brightened the table. I used a vintage embroidered tablecloth and a cute tin bunny mold as decor.

Hannah Renee | Lemon Cake
With a little ups and downs sprinkled in, we managed to keep the day fun and enjoyable. Jarre and I ran to the store for a few baking essentials and I whipped up a homemade lemon bundt cake with the most delicious lemon glaze. mmm. We even made time to dye some eggs! I, of course, enjoyed mostly shades of blue.. as you can see. Oh and side note: my niece is truly the cutest little babe I ever saw and she kept me smiling almost all day. Can I just say, baby giggles? Heart explodes.

p.s. you can find my sister’s blog here, where she chats about that sweet girl, motherhood, & amazing baby products!
Hannah Renee | Easter EggsHannah Renee | Easter Eggs

Our day ended with an equally yummy dinner. We made rosemary and thyme seasoned lamb chops with scalloped potatoes and colorful roasted carrots. It was such a good day. Above all else, I was so grateful to be together with my family and all working together to make tasty meals and celebrate Christ’s resurrection! It is incredible what leaning on one another can mean and how it shifts your perspective. Cheers to new beginnings!