I’m already 17.5 weeks pregnant. I can’t believe I’m already in the second trimester! One third of this pregnancy is already gone. Ahh. The countdown to baby is much more intense than the countdown to my wedding was.. I mean a tad more pressure. Ha! I was determined to sneak in a “Currently” post this month and I barely made it! Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!!!

LOVING: Cooler Winter weather!! It’s finally cold here in Southern California. Really loving all the twinkling Christmas lights in the neighborhood, only for a few more days..

THINKING ABOUT: Our baby! Dreaming about meeting this little babe and thinking about baby names and how blessed I am to be growing a healthy baby.

PREGNANCY LATELY: Dealing with some pretty irritating headaches & trying to eat more protein! The bump is growing quite a bit and making me realize how fast this is happening! Just found out my baby is very low risk for any abnormalities, so we are really excited and feeling grateful!

CRAVING: My first craving was orange juice. SO yummy. Other cravings have been Chipotle (which might not have to do with pregnancy haha) and Raisin Bran cereal.

DRINKING: I used to love coffee and I mean could not go a morning without a cup or two. Now that I’m growing a human, I actually can’t stand coffee so I’ve switched over to yummy hot cocoa or cold juice.

CRAFTING: I was given an amazing large loom for my birthday this month and I’ve started my first piece! I’ll have to share that with you all soon, too.

DOING: Trying not to sleep all day, buying my first few maternity jeans, and attempting to keep up my walking game. Aiming for my usual 3 mile trail walk every day or two.

WATCHING: TED talks. I’ve always loved how awesome and knowledgable these talks are and now that I’m pregnant I’ve found a nice list of pregnancy and birth TED talks to watch!

READING: Gearing up for the biggest challenge of my life, childbirth. Currently reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. Loving the encouragement and positivity.

DREAMING: You can’t blame me, I can’t get baby off my mind. I’m mostly day-dreaming about this Summer spent on the beach with a newborn.. How crazy that sounds!

WORKING ON: Marketing! Continuing my search for more wonderful businesses that need a bit of help with their social media. If you know anyone, send ’em my way!

Can you even believe that it’s New Year’s Eve!??! How are you celebrating?