LOVING: Warm baths with fun Lush products, long hours in front of the TV, social media, making new relationships (for personal life & business), hanging out with my husband. Quality time with good people is the best.

THINKING ABOUT: Trusting God’s plan. I know last month I talked about being a planner and things not always going as planned, but I am learning to relax and to have faith. I’ve been really focusing and thinking about starting each day in the Word and staying faithful for our future.

EATING: Getting back on that healthy train. Mostly eating whole foods and lots of fruits + veggies.

DRINKING: Lattes, lattes, lattes. Oh and my usual lemon water. Thinking about creating some other water infusions too. Have any favorites?!

CRAFTING: So that little hat I mentioned last month. I gave up. Ha! I did finish the colorblocked blanket (woo!) and am now whipping up some cutie cream colored pom pom garlands to string on the fireplace for a festive Fall look.

DOING: When I’m not working I’m crafting or watching movies with my hubs. These last few weeks I’ve been relaxing at home a lot. A little bit of running around town & grabbing coffee/lunch/breakfast with friends.

WATCHING: Keeping up with the Kardashians, of course. My background choice while working from home is typically Law and Order SVU. Just started Scandal, too. Ah!

READING: She Reads Truth. On the daily. You should honestly try it out, its an online devotional for women and it hits home way more often than not.

DREAMING: If I’m being literal. My dreams lately have been strange to say the least. If I’m talking day-dreaming, definitely pie. Dreaming of pie. and coffee. and fires in the fireplace.

LISTENING: The Lumineers always have a place in my heart. Pandora Lumineers radio: current song Ho Hey. & it takes me right back to my wedding. Awe where is time going?!

WORKING ON: Lots of marketing for myself + my clients! Constantly scheduling content and creating blog posts! Finding all the good hashtags, too.

What are you up to this month?!

Can you believe Halloween is around the corner! It’s literally this month!