Disclaimer: none of this is meant to be offensive. Totally being light hearted, humorous, guilty, and honest. Honesty is my favorite. Except when it hurts, then shut up and lie to me. No, I’m kidding, don’t lie to me. Ha! Anyone feel me on honesty hurting bad sometimes? Ok, that’s another post.

The struggle is real. You might be one of those moms who does it innocently and is just naturally effortless or supermom or the envy of all your friends. You may be one of those moms who does it proudly, trying out that “humble brag”, tootin’ your own horn or naturally that of your angel child. You might even be one of those moms who hides it well, you know the one who appears totally perfect and juggles every challenge like it’s her mission in life. Oh and only posts the most styled photos that make it look so dang easy. OR you may be like me, sitting on the other side of that glaring phone screen feeling like you don’t measure up. I’m over here like, “Wait a minute do you really wear those heels and that expensive blouse with your kids all day?!” And “Yeah right you do your hair and makeup fully every day with two kids under 2!” And “Ok so you have time to adventure and discover and be free because that’s just your style. Good for you.” And “Are you kidding me?! All your Christmas presents are purchased and wrapped and you have time to handwrite 200 Christmas cards, oh and it’s October. Okay. Cool.” And “Oh how great is it that your house is always perfect and the lighting is impeccable every damn day.” And “Aw your kid is always dressed in the cutest clothes, oh wait that onesie is 75 dollars? Never mind.” And “How wonderful your infant speaks in full sentences and is on track and field. Wow, what a kid.” And…. Okay I think you get the point, please feel free to add your own humorous mom comparisons. Just make sure you share in the comments so I can laugh and roll my eyes with you.

As you read these, I hope you laugh and relate. I’m only teasing. We all know these are not fully true. Of course we are all guilty of posting beautiful images and not the ones of our messy rooms or yoga pants or no makeup faces. Or the ones of us streaming Gilmore Girls all day in our pjs, pulling our hair out because the baby is fusses every time you set him down. Just me? Or the ones of our babies crying and us crying and everyone crying. Obviously. Our blogs and instagrams are branded, beautiful and curated. They should be. We should share and seek inspiration and encouragement and strive to be go getters. BUT let me remind you (& me) that it’s okay to be overwhelmed, a mess, to care for your baby and get nothing else accomplished. We are mothers and wives. I give you permission to take a nap. Literally, right now, I am standing in the nursery bouncing my baby who won’t nap, with no makeup and a list of things to do. Maybe I’ll get a couple things checked off that list later OR maybe, just maybe, I will bounce and rock my baby and not get another thing done today. That’s fine. That’s perfectly okay and you don’t have to justify it to anyone. Not even yourself (Hannah). Comparison is rough. Especially when you are blogging or growing a following on IG. It’s natural to look at what others are doing and how they are doing it. One thing I will say is try to avoid it! Focus on your own thing. Roll your eyes at the craziness that is competition. Engage in the community aspect, post pretty photos, and move on. Don’t get caught up in the illusion.

Let’s all laugh at the embellishments and our gorgeous Instagram lives and enjoy this big blogosphere for what it is. Cheers to that!


P.S. I thought it would be fitting to use some pretty pictures for this post. What kind of blogger would I be without them?! ;)