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I am so excited about my new knitting project. I recently knit a baby blanket for a future little boy. Now it is time to do something girly and feminine. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have baby fever, now and always. Babies are just the best. Hopefully, I will get on that baby train in a couple years, but for now I will knit my little heart out in anticipation for my own babes. I have started knitting with mastering the basics. I knit two baby blankets, mostly because they are small and easy, so far. Both have been basic garter stitch, absolutely nothing fancy. I am switching it up a bit by doing a simple bias blanket! Here is the link of the pattern I am using, which I might add is a fabulous source for crafters. The finished blanket will be a variation of the photo below. Mine will be in these gorgeous shades of pink from the light pink to a soft peach and soft red, finishing up with a cool grey. All yarn is a soft acrylic from a local craft store, found here.


I can’t wait to share the finished product!