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My current favorite beauty product is coconut oil! After reading about all the uses for it and seeing it all over Pinterest, I decided it was time to give it a try. I am so happy I tried it because I love using it! I have made coconut oil my main body moisturizer and use it daily. I have been looking for new and practical ways to use natural products or add them to my new wellness kick. This is such a simple product and has great benefits. I use it right after showering each morning when my skin is damp. I admit, at first it was a little odd to rub edible, cooking oil on my body, but it seriously is awesome. I purchased my organic coconut oil from Target, only because Trader Joe’s was all sold out! It is quite popular lately, so I’m here to be another one telling you to go grab it and give it a shot yourself! You may be pleasantly surprised! I apply it to my entire body, my lips, and have even tried it as a deodorant. So many purposes in just one jar! Enjoy girlies!