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Life and love is a roller coaster. We all have highs and we all experience the lows. Marrying my first real love was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself, even at the (yes, young) age of 21 years. As I reflect on life up until those vows were spoken and I consider the amount of growth and the challenges I’ve experienced over the last two years, I am in awe. God has worked wonders throughout my life and seeing first hand his ways of working in my heart and in the heart of my husband, I am so grateful. Our first year of marriage was certainly filled with challenge, struggle, and disappointments, but it was also a time of newness, joy, and growth. It matters how we look at life. It matters how we feel and how we treat ourselves and our spouses. I am not writing this to paint a fairytale or to say everything is wonderful in my marriage or life. I am writing this to say it is hard, but also to say it is worth every minute.

I do not believe in finding a “one true love” or in “soul mates”; I believe in God bringing two people together. It is important to have similar values, beliefs, and compatibility of course, but it is ultimately up to you to choose to love another. Love is an action. It isn’t entirely about our feelings. Throughout my marriage, of just two years, I am continuously learning how to love. I love my husband and our life together, but choosing to actively love is about changing habits, being appreciative, and constantly striving to put that person first. To meet their needs and to show love actively each day.

This valentine’s day I think it is important to choose active love, not only to say those three little (and needed) words, but also to think about the way we love and choose to humble our heartsto see the imperfections and to consciously change the way we go about loving others. I say this as my second wedding anniversary approaches on the 24th of this month, too. This month of love surely gets me thinking and reminding myself to be a better woman and a more loving, giving wife.

Ok, enough with my essay on love. Also, in no way am I an expert on relationships or love, but I wanted to share what has been on my heart lately.

I wish you all a very happy and loving Valentine’s Day!!!