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Can we just take a moment to praise the Lord for a good pair of jeans and an easy-breezy t-shirt?!? This is what daily errands and weekends are all about. A good pair of flared jeans, a comfy tee, and a good man by your side (for me, he’s behind the camera). It feels good to let go, be yourself, and not worry about dressing to impress others. I fully admire those women and style bloggers who can dress up and be fabulous everyday, more power to ’em sister, but I’ve come to my personal realization that, that is just not me. It’s definitely hard when we live in a world of comparisons and it is as easy as opening one app on our phones to get down on ourselves. The one thing I say is just go with it. Admire and enjoy the beauty shared, but be grateful for what you’ve got outside of the digital world. The people, the laughs, the jeans. It’s about being content, comfortable, and confident with your personal style, your aesthetic, and your life. Just go with it. Casual vibes for life.


Jeans Lamb&Flag, T-shirt Obey, Bag Dooney&Burke, Shoes Nordstrom rack, Necklace Tiffany&co.