Hannah Renee | Bump Update/Maternity PhotosHannah Renee | Bump Update/Maternity Photos Hannah Renee | Bump Update/Maternity Photos

I decided to do a fun little pregnancy questionnaire for all ya’ll who are curious. Here it goes…

HOW FAR ALONG: 27 weeks! 

GENDER: For those who don’t follow along, we’re having a boy!

HIS SIZE: He is the size of an eggplant! Approximately 14 inches & 2 pounds! (according to my app) 

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: About 20 pounds! This is the difficult part. It’s always hard (especially for a woman) to gain weight, but knowing it is purposeful and needed for my baby makes it all worth those extra curves. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Yes! I’ve been wearing a mix of maternity clothes with some of my regular tops/dresses. The maternity waist bands and belly covers are so, so much more comfy! Lately, I’m preferring to wear dresses the most.

SLEEP: My sleep has just started to change a bit. I was sleeping really well, with the exception of getting up 3-4 times a night to pee! Now it’s becoming a little more difficult to get comfy or to turn over and falling asleep takes me a little longer. 

SYMPTOMS: I’ve begun to experience the dreaded leg cramps and aches. It’s been slight, so I’m not going to complain too much, but if you’ve felt that achey feeling in your legs and lower back, you understand. Of course, I’ve got my sweet husband to rub my calves when I’m feeling those annoying cramps or soreness, which hasn’t been too much!  

FOOD CRAVINGS: My biggest craving has been for breakfast cereal! If I gave in, I’d be eating something sugary and made for kids, but I’m holding my ground and sticking to Raisin Bran and Original Cheerios! Recently, I’ve been craving fruit, too! Pineapple and mangoes are a go-to. Oh, and ice cream. 

ANY STRETCH MARKS: Nope! I originally tried Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, but during my first trimester I hated the smell, so I’ve since started using the Honest Company Belly Balm. I’m obsessed, whether or not it’s the reason for no stretch marks, it smells great, is made from organic ingredients, feels smooth, and keeps my belly moisturized. Win, win. 

WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF? On. My rings are joined together and still fit wonderfully, but I’ve also been pregnant during the cooler part of the year so I’m sure that helps too!

MOVEMENT: Yes, he is moving more and more in there! I was feeling occasional kicks and nudges, but now he is getting stronger and I’m feeling him more often. Just last week I woke up to him moving around and could feel an arm or leg rubbing against me. The craziest feeling! 

NAMES: We do have a name, but I’m going to keep it secret!