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Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience and brings such an incredible bond between mama and baby. It is truly a blessing to be able to provide everything my baby boy needs and fill that little tummy with nutrients. It is certainly not typically this glamorous of an event, don’t get me wrong. Most days my hair is tied up in a bun, zero makeup, and likely spit up covered clothes. HA! Safe to say, this needed to be documented.

Linked below are 5 of my must have items for nursing mamas.

  1. Comfortable Quality Nursing Tank: Cake Lingerie Toffee Shaping Nursing Tank. Yes, I have one from Target, but I wear this one wayyy more often (the other has become my backup). I need to buy like 3 more of these babies. It is so comfortable, flattering, and obviously practical.
  2. Soft, Re-usable Nursing Pads: Cupcake Nursing Pads. These organic cotton, washable nursing pads are my favorite. So much more comfortable than disposable or other brands. I also have these liners that I mainly use at night to keep me dry for longer stretches of sleep! Heaven knows you gotta sleep as much as possible and cannot have milk dampness waking me up!
  3. A Pretty Nursing Pillow Cover: NewMomDesigns on Etsy is adorable! Personally, I am a lover of neutrals. I really, really wanted something calm and not super in your face. This cover was perfect for me and the design of our bedroom and nursery. Fits the Boppy pillow beautifully.
  4. Glider: Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel. I purchased mine used and am so, so happy I did. My one must-have for a glider was that it has a slipcover that I can wash! I definitely did not want to be worried about getting milk and spit up on my chair. This is something I would have splurged on, but got lucky in finding a great deal on this wish-list item. :)
  5. Natural Nipple Cream: Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple ButterI could go on and on about this product, which I kinda did in this post already. I’m telling you, breastfeeding doesn’t always come super easy. It can certainly be uncomfortable for the first couple weeks. This cream is soothing and everything you need during that not so fun period of breastfeeding.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Do you have any must-haves I didn’t list here?!?