If you know me, you know that there are a few things I totally love and those include, coffee, babies, bougainvillea, and a good outfit. ;) Let me first just say, Noah is at an age that he doesn’t want to cooperate for photos anymore and isn’t so easily amazed/distracted just by his surroundings like he once was. SO my original plan was to relax, drink a latte, chat with my hubs, take some photos for the blog, all while bouncing and holding my little mister. Well, safe to say he was not feelin’ it. HA. He started the squirm to get down and crawl right after I got my coffee, (of course!), so I gulped and we headed for the bougainvillea instead, which I have to say was kind of an amazing idea. I gladly stepped into the planter to get “the shot” and totally let Noah grab all the blooms his little heart desired. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, but sometimes you make it work. And today, my friends, was one of those days! Hallelujah.

On another note, I am officially OBSESSED with this dress from PinkBlush. The ruffle at the bottom won my heart entirely. How cute and easy is this pretty maxi?!

Okay and another thing, are you a “shoe mom”?? I was never much of a “shoe mom”. I feel like you know what I’m talking about already and I don’t have to say another word, BUT I will in case you are scratching your head like huh? There are two kinds of moms. Barefoot baby moms and shoe moms. (You know I’m just teasing right? Well, sort of.) Some mamas cannot resist those adorable tiny baby shoes, and trust me it’s a hard temptation. I tried my best to resist buying all the cute little pairs of tennies and sandals, but I lost out at the Freshly Picked moccasins. They are TOO good to resist. We have a pair that he wore at about 6 months, but the truth is most babes don’t need shoes at all until they are close to walkin’. Now that my little mister is almost one (cue the tears) he is so close to walking! I absolutely love the idea of Freshly Picked moccs for new walkers. They are so comfortable and have soft soles that make feeling the ground easier on a little learner. Plus they are so stinkin adorable, which makes them totally necessary. Now that I’ve convinced you, you need a pair (or five) of these cutie moccasins, head over to my Instagram (@thehannahrenee) to enter a GIVEAWAY to win a pair!!

Dress PinkBlush c/o | Bralet Free People | Flats Sam Edelman | Bag Kate Spade | Noah’s romper OldNavy | Moccasins Freshly Picked c/o | Stroller UppaBaby