I am so very excited to officially announce and share with you all my first business venture! Eeek! Taking this lead of faith has been a wonderful + scary journey so far! Remember my instagram about beginning before you are ready? Well, this was exactly where my head was at.

I began creating and brainstorming my social media business about a month ago and I am super thrilled to publicly announce Hannah Renee Social Media Marketing! 

I have always dreamt of working from home, raising a family and really, being a housewife. I definitely have realized that that goal is actually a bit harder than it sounded a few years back. It can be challenging to find balance with work + home life. As I gained experience with marketing + social media through my college courses and internships, I discovered my passion for marketing! I began to fall in love with social media. There is such a broad, beautiful community of people on social media + it is an amazing source of inspiration and encouragement. It dawned on me one morning that I could direct my own career to go this route. Social media is more than just pretty images and clever captions. It is an amazing tool for businesses and bloggers to strategically grow their brands + gain exposure.

What I aim to do is work hand in hand with fellow creatives and small businesses to use strategy with their social media and authentically grow their brands. I take on the role of strategist + manager by first analyzing my client’s existing work and social media profiles and second developing a consistent brand image across all platforms and finding a strategy that will work best for that unique client.

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Side note: I couldn’t be more excited to have the ability to truly enjoy what I do and help other small businesses achieve their goals, too! It has been such a blessing to receive such a great response from the low key marketing that I have done already. A special thank you to all those who I’ve made relationships with thus far! You are the reason I got into this in the first place!

Social media is such a powerful tool in today’s playing field. It is everywhere and every brand, business, blogger, etc. needs to be utilizing it to its full potential. I am really passionate about helping small businesses and creative entrepreneurs create strong, consistent brand images and market that brand through social media. I believe the online community is working wonders and is a great way to engage with one another and build genuine relationships and in turn, grow!

Cheers to this new adventure and thank you all for the support!!

Please contact me if you have an interest in being strategic with social media and building your online presence! I’d love to hear about you and your story!





Images by Elana of elanaloo.com