Sometimes the best day off means staying in sweatpants and binge watching reality tv, but other times it means spending some quality time with your husband and exploring local places. This was one of the latter. It was such a beautiful day, we just couldn’t let it go to waste. We spent the day by the beach, had lunch overlooking the ocean, and ate ice cream cones. I’m all about comfort when it comes to clothing. I definitely have those days when I literally only care about being comfy and having a good time. This was one of those days. Even though every time I slip my Birks on my husband looks at me like… “are you really going to wear those?” or of course the, “is it still the 90’s?” look. I hadn’t gotten into the Birkenstock trend right away, but when I saw them in Austria, I was convinced. Ultra casual, perfect for a day walking around a beach town. It felt like a little bit of Summer in the middle of January. Thanks, sunny Southern California.


Top: Free People. Jeans: Paige Denim. Shoes: Birkenstock. Bag: Kate Spade New York. Necklaces: Nordstrom.