I know comparison is not the most positive thing to focus on, but when I was pregnant and caring for a newborn (even now) I wondered a lot about other moms schedules for their babies. I read BabyWise while pregnant and love having routine and some sense of an organized day, especially when it comes to being a new mommy, which is chaotic and overwhelming to say the least. I also started a really fun group called #letsbehonestmamas that you can click around and read about other mamas days too! See the first blog link up HERE

When it comes to BabyWise/schedules, I wanted to go ahead and share a little insight on how I have gone about scheduling Noah’s days and nights, or at least how they’ve panned out for us. I loved reading BabyWise and had it glued to my hand like a manual during the first few weeks of motherhood because that’s just how I am. Some of it I don’t fully agree with, but most of the general information I found extremely useful and wise. Noah did start sleeping through the night closer to ten weeks, sometimes he would wake once in the very early morning to nurse, but that was it. It was amazing! Unfortunately, teething did a number on our nights and lessened my sleep quite a bit. BUT we are now happily back to sleeping through the night at 9 months. I know this is a very detailed post, but I hope you find it helpful!



Of course you can’t really have a schedule or routine with a newborn! It’s pretty much rest, healing, sleep, and eat for mama and nurse, sleep, bathe, snuggle for baby. So that was basically all we were concerned with from 0-3 months. Nursing every two hours 24/7 followed by a bit of awake time and then nap time. In that order as per BabyWise, to help him not rely on nursing to fall asleep.

3 months: nursing times











4 months:

The schedule we tried our best to follow! He really was not good at taking his naps. Slept through the night well at this age though.

6:00am wake & nurse

6:30-7:30am play

8:00-9:00am nap

9:00am nurse

9:30-11am play

11:00-12:00pm nap

12:00pm nurse

12:30-2:30pm play

2:30-3:30/4 nap

4:00pm nurse

4:30-6pm play

6:00pm bedtime routine

9:30pm nurse

At 4 months he began waking once in the night usually at 3 am to nurse. He got his first tooth around 5 months so teething was waking him twice a night from about 5 months until 7 months. The times were kind of random and I would just nurse him and put him back in his crib.


6 months:

6:30am wake & nurse

7-7:30am play

7:30am eat solids breakfast

8:30-10am nap

10:00am nurse

10:20-12pm play

12pm eat solids lunch

1:00-3:00pm nap (not as predictable on length of nap)

Between 2:00-3:00pm nurse

3-4:30pm play

4:30pm eat solids dinner

5:30pm start bath and bedtime routines

Bath, lotion & pjs, nurse (around 6:00pm), lay down in crib by 6:30pm. He talks a bit, sometimes cries, and falls asleep on his own. He was waking once or twice a night to nurse, I think due to teething. Not very reliable times, but somewhere around 12-1am and again anywhere between 4-5am.


7 months:

6:30am wake & nurse

7-7:30am play

8:00am eat breakfast

9:00-11:00am nap

11:00am eat lunch & nurse

11:30-1:30pm play

1:30-3:30pm nap

4:00pm eat dinner

6:00pm bedtime routine (bath, lotion & pjs, nurse, lay down by 6:30pm)

Through 8-9 months, Noah has been waking up a million times a night. I can say for a couple weeks it was 3 and 4 times a night. I know, tired mama over here! Now it has sort of suddenly got better. He has been sleeping through the night, sometimes waking to nurse a little at 5am and then sleeping until around 7:00!


9 months:

7:00am wake & nurse

7:30am-8:00am play (while mama has coffee and wakes up)

8:00am eat breakfast

9:00-11:00am nap

11:30am nurse

11:30-12pm play

12:00pm eat lunch

12:30-2:00pm play

2:00pm nurse & nap 2-4:00pm

Play 4-5:30

5:30pm eat dinner

6:00pm bathtime and bedtime routines

In bed by 6:45/7pm


If you have any questions or recommendations, I’d be happy to hear them! Did you implement BabyWise? What was your experience like?