I cannot believe how soon our baby boy will be here! It is pretty crazy how overwhelming baby prep can get, too. I’ve compiled a list of all our registry items and baby favorites, so maybe it’ll help in your baby essentials search!

Where we registered: We used BabyList & loved it! I like options, so for me it was great to be able to register at several stores and have it all combined on one main registry list! I loved the ease of registering online and adjusting my list as needed, with the convenience of my iPhone! I would definitely recommend using BabyList, they even offer free registry cards to include in your baby shower invites, making my life that much simpler.

What we registered for:


Baby Gear

UppaBaby Cruz Stroller: I am in love with this stroller. What I didn’t know is that walking into BuyBuyBaby’s stroller section is like walking onto a car lot. I mean seriously! There are so many stroller brands, styles, colors, accessories, etc. It is quite overwhelming. I was almost immediately drawn to the UppaBaby strollers. They have such a sleek, slim, classic design. I really love the extra-large basket, adjustable & comfortable handlebar, the ease of use and folding, and the drop down sunshade. 

UppaBaby Mesa Carseat: Absolutely love the ease of use of this carseat. It also is completely compatible with the UppaBaby Cruz stroller, making for effortless use. It has an adjustable headrest, as well as side protection. We would love to have this car seat, but currently we will be using my sister-in-law’s Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant carseat. 

Aden + Anais Strap Covers: How adorable are these carseat strap covers!? It’s always a good idea to make the comfort items a little more pretty, don’t you think? 

Skip Hop Stroller Organizer: Again, organization is key for me! The UppaBaby Cruz doesn’t come with a cupholder attachment. I really like the style and versatility of this organizer. Perfect for holding the essentials, phone, Starbucks, snacks, & keys! 

4Moms MamaRoo: Everyone raves about this one. I’ve heard it’s quite the dream for keeping baby happy while multitasking. It has several motions to mimic how mama moves and it even synchs to your iPhone, allowing you to play any of your favorite songs! Another awesome feature is that the seat fabric is removable, meaning washable! Sure to be a life-saver. 

Prince Lionheart Seat Saver: My husband and I just invested in a used Acura RDX to accommodate our new family member! We love that there is a product out there to help save the lifetime of our car! Babies and little kiddos are sure to be messy with all those crumbs, so we are using this seat saver to help us out. 

Fisher Price Comfort Curve Bouncer: This little chair is compact, easily movable, and great for keeping baby entertained with toys and soothed with vibrations. Enough said. 

Graco Pack’N Play Playard: I have come to find out how useful this baby product really is with my niece! It is perfect for when baby starts to be more active and mobile. It means mama can put her babe down and get some laundry done or cook dinner while baby stays entertained, but safe! 

Carriers: Solly Baby Wrap & Ergo 360. I am all about babywearing! I think it’s such an amazing way to bond with your baby, nurture them, and still be able to get things accomplished. I know I will love using the Solly Wrap, whether it’s running errands, going for a walk, or a trip to the beach. I also have the Nuroo Pocket. This product is such a wonderful design that allows mama to multitask while getting in that essential skin-to-skin with baby. 

Joovy Spoon Walker: The baby gear items out there can often be very brightly colored and overly technical, but this walker is the opposite. It is sleek and simple, which of course I’m immediately drawn to. The extra-large tray is great for snacks and toys, while baby is busy learning to walk! Love the removable, washable insert and 3 height options. 

The First Years Baby Monitor: There are a billion baby monitors on the market, but we are more about simplicity and practicality. I really wasn’t super concerned about having a high end monitor. In my mind, something that helps you hear baby’s cry from another room is all that’s needed. This monitor is simple, portable, and really affordable. 



Hannah Renee | Baby Items

Safety 1st Modular Bathtub: I really wanted a simple bathtub that would grow with our baby. White was a must for me because I don’t want to have to have a bright blue plastic tub in my bathroom for months on end. This tub is great because it is designed to work with newborn, baby, and toddler. It is sure to make bathtime easier for mama and dada!

Munchkin Rinser: This rinser is a dream! Amazing how such simple little things can be game changing. This rinser is a flexible foam that is soft, durable, and makes it easier to keep soap out of baby’s eyes!

Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Shampoo and Lotion: My motto is sometimes simple is better. Splurging on some baby items is definitely worth it, but some items are trustworthy and budget-friendly. We would love to use an organic, beautiful baby wash, but for us, we are totally happy to stick with a classic and save the extra money. Plus, the bedtime wash and lotion smells delicious!



Nursing Pillow + Cover: This Boppy pillow is perfect for nursing in comfort without sore arms and tired wrists! I love love this gorgeous, simple cover by New Mom Designs. I’m one for simplicity and really don’t think it’s necessary to compromise on design, especially with baby essentials, which become a part of your daily living.

TommeeTippee BottlesI’m all about breastfeeding, but if and when I need to supplement with a bottle or graduate to bottle feeding, this is the bottle I’ll use! I am so impressed with the shape, design, and natural latch qualities. I think it’ll make for one happy, full baby.

Natursutten PacifiersI’ve heard such amazing things about these pacifiers. Moms seem to love the natural elements and babies love the feel. It sounds like an all around win-win! It doesn’t hurt that they even have darling packaging, too!



Hannah Renee | Baby Items

Diapers & Wipes: We obviously are having our first baby, so I don’t have too much experience with diapers, aside from my years as a nanny. We are planning to try Pampers and Parasol! Both of these brands align with our values and have amazing qualities. I just received the Parasol Diapers and Wipes and already love the adorable prints & amazingly soft materials. Also, the wipes are so smooth, not sticky at all, and smell like cucumbers. Cannot wait to use them on our baby!

Diaper Bag: I have the Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag and I love it! I really was aiming to get 2 main things out of a diaper bag. 1. Organization! Plenty of pockets. This bag has 11 pockets! I know, it seems excessive, but with extra wide insulated side pockets, 2 zip pockets, 3 large divided sections, and a clear wipe clean zip pocket, each pocket has a purpose. 2. Shoulder Handles. I know from experience with other bags that I do not like a long shoulder strap because it is usually uncomfortable and not practical with a heavier bag. I also know that short handles take more hassle to carry with a baby on the hip, a purse, and any other items. I am super excited about putting my Skip Hop bag to use with this baby! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s still totally stylish and wipeable!

Travel Changing Pad: To coordinate with my Skip Hop Diaper Bag, I have the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station for on the go! This pad is designed so nicely. It includes a zip-off clutch with a translucent wipes case and roomy pockets for all the essentials. Also, love that it is extra-wide and includes a small pillow for baby, making it super comfortable for baby!


Baby clothes are infectious! They are just too adorable. I could really go crazy with buying tons of tiny little onesies, but I’ve tried to restrain myself and stay practical! My favorite brands so far include Baby Gap Organics, KicKee Pants, Aden + AnaisBurt’s Bees Baby, and of course those darling Freshly Picked Moccasins.


Hannah Renee | Baby Items

The Nuroo Swaddler: I’m so excited to use this simple swaddle. It is for sure going to make my life easier and I bet it’ll be just as simple for daddy, too. Such a practical company!

Aden + Anais SwaddlesThe softest, most dreamy blankies! I love these because of how lightweight and versatile they are. I can use them for nursing, swaddling, as a car seat or stroller cover, and everything in between!

Modern Burlap Scripture Swaddle: This swaddle is seriously darling. I received it as a gift from a good friend of mine and got a little emotional reading the words “God has you in the palm of his hand”. It will be such a cute reminder for the nursery and in baby photos!  

Baby Gap Receiving BlanketEveryone needs a good cotton blanket. I didn’t go crazy buying receiving blankets, but I really love this simple, timeless grey and white blanket that our boy can keep for many years.

KicKee Pants Swaddle BlanketThis little blanket is super, super soft and silky. It is going to be wonderful during the hot California summer months. Love x 100.

Hand Knit Blankets: Prior to actually getting pregnant, I took my hand at knitting and fell in love! I knit several blankets, one for a girl, one for a boy, and one gender neutral grey blankie. I adore these and can imagine them staying in the family for a long, long while. :)


Hannah Renee | Baby Items

Bannor Toys rattles, teethers, and toysI’m so excited about these little wooden toys. They are so cute and I love that they are more old fashioned and natural. My favorite is the little whale teether, but I also can’t get enough of their state rattles! Of course, we have California!

Nihama Wooden TeethersAgain, love using natural elements for baby toys! These teethers, one for 3 months and one for 6 months, are really darling! Made from crocheted yarn and wood and perfect for baby to play.

Chewable CharmThis teething necklace made for mama is so so cute! With a baby, all things need to be as practical as possible! I love how simple it is and it’ll be wonderful for my boy to grab and chew while in the wrap or running errands! Can’t wait to use it.

Sophie la GirafeI’ve heard SUCH good things about Sophie. I’m sure you’ve seen this little French teether toy by now, too. It’s hard not to fall in love with it; it’s adorable and babies totally obsess over it. We’ll have to see what our little man thinks!


See my nursery design board in this post. We are anticipating a move potentially this summer, so I’m hoping to do a full nursery reveal at that time.


What am I missing!? Do you have any must-have baby items, whether for the adorableness or the practicality?! I’d love to know!


This post was in collaboration with most of the brands linked. All opinions are my own.