Summer is wrapping up and Autumn is on it’s way! Well, technically it is already officially Fall, but with weather that is still scorching hot, it’s hard to believe that. Either way, Autumn and the short Winter months are my absolute favorite time of the year. Maybe it’s the combination of layering, scarves, hot chai tea lattes, tall boots, and pie. Let’s be real I could literally go on and on and on about the little things I love about the cooler months and yearly holiday traditions. I’ll practice some self-control and get straight to it. Just scroll my pin board devoted to all things Autumn.

My Autumn bucket list:

Drink too many chai tea lattes or possibly a PSL (pumpkin spice latte) as soon as holiday-cup season hits!

Goodness, hasn’t that red cup become such a fun way to kick off the season?! Chia lattes are my go-to Fall drink and they are DE-LISH. 

Starbucks Red Cup | Latte

Snuggle up | Binge watch

Make time to snuggle up with my husband and my pup and watch movies or binge watch a tv show. Bonus points for popcorn, wine, or sweatpants.


Pumpkin Carving/Crafting

Who doesn’t love pumpkin season!? I mean really? Last year I switched it up a bit and instead of carving pumpkins I went the nontraditional/unique route and got my craft on. I followed a DIY by Real Simple Magazine to use yarn (one of my favorite things) to decorate pumpkins to look like foxes + deer. I may have to go this route again this year… 

Pumpkin Crafting

Take Christmas card photos

We’ve created a yearly tradition of sending out Christmas cards to our close friends and family. I love being able to look back at the previous year and see how we’ve grown and changed. 

Christmas Card Family Photo | Hannah Renee

Apple Picking

I haven’t been apple picking since I was young, but to me it is such a simple, homey tradition that I’d love to adopt into my autumn routine. Plus apple cider is ridiculously good. 

Ice Skating

I was actually a figure skater for four years through high school. I practiced multiple times a week, had a private couch (who was a gem), and competed in local competitions. I loved it. The cold, the grace of dancing on ice, the music, + the solitude. It was my thing. Now each year, my husband and I go here and there for fun and it always floods me with memories. It’s sentimental + so sweet. 

Pie Making

In the past year, I’ve come to realize my love for pie. Baking pie, pictures of pie, eating pie. All very good things. Last year I planned a pie-baking day with my sister-in-law, complete with champs + tunes. We had a blast. This year I made a tradition of baking fruit pie for independence day. I am so ready for warm autumn pie and a latte. Who’s with me? 

Homemade Pie


That finishes up my list for Autumn! How about you? What are your favorite traditions and little moments that Autumn brings each year?? Share ’em with me in the comments or on Instagram!