Often times, nap time for Noah rolls around and I find myself scrambling around the house, on the computer, on my phone, finding things to check off my “to-do” list. The one to two hours flys by and it’s time to get him up again. The cycle continues. Sometimes it’s productive and other times I’m a hot mess thinking “did I just scroll Instagram for an hour?”

I’m realizing more and more that I desperately need to schedule my time more and make sure I add in breaks! I need to give myself a break more often and let go of any mom guilt I have if I simply sit and watch reality tv for a solid two hours. Doing little things for myself, relaxing, and giving myself a treat on a daily basis is necessary for my sanity. I’ve rounded up my top five ways to relax and unwind that you can easily do while the babe naps, whether it’s 30 minutes or a heavenly 2 hours.

Do an at home facial.

You don’t have to book a day at the spa to enjoy a little beauty treatment. I love using at home face masks to refresh my skin and feel pampered. It’s truly amazing what a little R&R can do for your mood! Hey, maybe you even paint a fresh coat of polish on your nails, in trendy color too!

Read a book.

Maybe you snuggle up in bed, grab a great novel, and sip an extra cup of coffee. Maybe you pour a glass of wine and kick your feet up on the patio. However you choose to relax, reading a book is the perfect addition. It stimulates your mind, helps distract from your stress, and lifts your mood.

Turn on Netflix and grab some ice cream!

I know most people are probably recommending less screen time, but this is one of my favorite ways to unwind. Reality tv to mystery to a good drama, I’m all in. An episode at naptime is the break that I crave. Speaking of cravings, ice cream is my love language. Well, that and coffee. I eat ice cream way too often, but I love this “healthier” option so I don’t have to feel an ounce of guilt for treating myself!

Start a new hobby.

Doing something creative is so refreshing and can really help diminish stress. I love creating woven wall hangings. Try weaving, baking, knitting, painting, calligraphy, sketching, anything really! Just the simple act of working with your hands will make you feel renewed and be surprisingly relaxing.

Take a Nap!

Just because the baby is napping, doesn’t mean you have to be super productive. We do a lot as mamas, we need naps sometimes, too! You’ll likely feel like a brand new woman and you’ll be relaxed and renewed by the time the babe wakes. (hopefully!) ;)


Bottom line: Treat yourself mama, you deserve it.

How do you take advantage of naptime? Do you have any favorite ways to unwind and recharge?


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This post is in collaboration with Halo Top Creamery. All opinions are my own.