Having kids obviously changes your life (in so many ways) and sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in a rut or feel like the routine has become too mundane. I’m always interested in finding out how mamas stay appropriately busy and keep their little ones happy and active! I’ve rounded up my top ten things to do with a pre-toddler this summer!

10 Things To Do With a Toddler This Summer

1. Beach Days!

This is a full day event in my book because we live about an hour or hour and a half from the beach. These photos were from last weekend when we had our first family beach day! It really was so fun to watch Noah get excited and point at the water and play in the sand. We took a few buckets, food, towels, sun hats, and had a blast building sandcastles and putting our toes in the water. I definitely want to have many beach days this summer.

2. Splash pad or water table at home.

We have a local splash pad that I’ve been wanting to visit, but another great way to play in the water at this age is with a water table! We got Noah one for his first birthday and he loves it. Add some buckets and play on the porch. Simple activity and perfect for the heat!

3. Make an indoor fort.

How fun were those childhood days of making forts out of blankets and crawling inside to look at books with a flashlight!? Right? Of course, Noah is a little young to get in on the building, but it would be a fun thing to play in and read books under! Maybe as a weekend activity with daddy!

4. Bubbles!

It’s that simple. Inside or outside. Toddlers love bubbles! Keeps them entertained for quite a while.

5. Picnic at the park.

If it’s not too hot or you’ve got a shaded area in your backyard or at a local park, pack a picnic and a quilt and get going. This is an awesome way to get out of the house, in the fresh air, and let the babes crawl or run around!

6. Have story time.

Want to stay home? Get out lots of books and read aloud. This is always a good idea. I try to do a little bit of reading time daily. Noah is becoming more and more into sitting and looking at the board books and deciding which page he likes best or pointing out items on the pages.

7. Sensory bottles or bins.

Create some interesting sensory bottles or bins using either big plastic bins with dry foods like beans (being careful they don’t eat any) or take plastic water bottles and fill with different objects. This activity is great for your littles development and is a fun out of the ordinary idea!

8. Dance Party!

Another great (super simple) idea for at home days! Turn on some music, dance, help your little ones groove and enjoy time together!

9. Make instruments from ordinary kitchen items, like mixing bowls and wooden spoons.

This is a fun way to make use of ordinary items. Kids always seem to love the non-toys the most! Grab some kid friendly kitchen items and let them play or get creative. You can create some developmental games too, like using a muffin tin to put small toys or balls in and let them put them in and out, too.

10. Feed the ducks.

A quick visit to the lake or pond to feed the ducks is a fun activity for most ages. We love visiting our duck pond and watching the ducks or walking around. Take a loaf of bread and let them toss it to the ducks!


I hope you enjoy these simple activities with your babies this summer! Do you have any must do activities for toddlers that you love? Share in the comments!

Noah’s Chambray Bucket Hat c/o Blue Corduroy 

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