If you know me, you know I love a good latte and any cute/cool coffee shop is the way to my heart. Shallow? Not at all. Aesthetics and caffeine go a long way in my book. Haha.

So I’ve rounded up a bunch of super cute coffee shops that serve good coffee and I’m sharing them with all of you local, fellow coffee lovers!

10 coffee shops in Southern California that will make you swoon. 

1 // KIT Coffee – Costa Mesa

2 // Portola Coffee Lab – Costa Mesa

3 // Neat Coffee – Costa Mesa

4 // The Press Espresso – Temecula

5 // Bean Coffee Roasters – Temecula

6 // Augie’s Coffee Roasters – Temecula

7 // Communal Coffee – San Diego 

8 // Better Buzz – Encinitas

9 // Honor Coffee – Newport Beach 

10 // Bear Coast Coffee – San Clemente


Have your tried any of these?! What’s your routine order coffee drink?



Hannah Renee